Scope of IJCCIE

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Computing Communication Engineering Automatuion and Control 

AI and Evolutionary Computing

Algorithms and Applications

Algorithms and Techniques

Artificial Intelligence

Circuit Implementation for Fuzzy Systems

Circuit Modelling and Scientific Computing

Component based development

Computational Intelligence

Computer and Information Technology

Computer Architecture and Computer Aided Design

Computer Architectures and Digital Systems

Computer Networks and Security

Computer Systems and Networks

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Control Engineering

Control Systems and Robotics

Data Mining and Data fusion

Data Mining and Management

Databases and Data Mining

Decision Support Systems

Distributed and Parallel Systems

Distributed, mobile, and open architecture

Dynamical Systems

E-Learning & E-Business

Engineering of specific kinds of Information Systems

Fuzzy Logic and Circuits Design

Fuzzy Systems

Fuzzy, ANN & Expert Approaches

Genetic Algorithms

Grid and Cluster Computing

Hierarchical Control Systems

Human-Computer Interaction

Human-Machine Systems,

Hybrid Systems

Information & data security

Information systems & Applications

Information Systems and ubiquitous technologies

Information Systems engineering approaches for adaptive and flexible information systems

Information Systems in networked & virtual organizations

Information Systems reengineering

Innovative database technology

Innovative platforms, architectures and technologies for Information Systems engineering

Internet and Electronic Commerce

Internet applications & performances

Knowledge Based Systems

Knowledge Management & Decision Making

Knowledge Modelling

Knowledge, information, and data quality

Logic Synthesis

Management Information Systems

Methodologies and approaches for Information Systems engineering

Methodologies and Languages for Secure Information Systems

Mobile networks & services

Model-driven architecture

Modeling and Simulation

Multidimensional Systems

Multimedia and Web Applications

Multivariable systems

Network and System Security

Network Management and services

Networking theory & technologies

Networks-on-Chip and Systems-on-Chip

Neural Networks

Numerical Analysis and Circuits


Pattern Recognition

Performance Modelling and Analysis

Quality of models and of modelling languages

Reliability Engineering and Fault Tolerance

Satellite & Space Communications

Scientific computing and supercomputing benchmark design

Scientific visualization

Seismic Data Processing

Semantic web

Service-oriented architecture

Signal Processing

Signal Processing Systems

Simulation, Modelling, Robotics

Soft Computing

Software Agent architecture

Software architectures for scientific computing

Software Engineering

Speech and Audio Processing

Speech and Image Processing Systems

Supercomputing and scientific computing

Usability, trust, flexibility, interoperability

Web Engineering

Antennas - Design, Modeling and Measurement

Audio/Speech Signal Processing




Biomedical Electronics

Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical Sensors

Channel Coding

Communication and Wireless Systems

Computational Electromagnetic

Computer Assisted Intervention Systems and Robotics


E-commerce and E-learning

Electronic Devices in Communications

Embedded System

Engineering Models in Biomedicine

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Graphs and Combinatorics

Image/Video Processing and Coding

Industrial Automation and Control

Industrial Electronics and Automations

Innovative Networking Technologies

Integrated Optics

Medical Image Processing (Segmentation, Registration, Fusion)

Medical Imaging and Image Analysis

Microwave Circuits - Systems and Applications

Multimedia Communications

Multimedia Systems and Applications

Network Performance

Network Planning and Design

Network Security


Optical Communications

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Photonic Technologies

Radio Propagations

Reconfigurable Computing

Signal Detection and Estimation

Signal Processing

Signaling and Computation Biomedical Data Engineering

Software Engineering in Electronics

Software Technology in communication Engineering

Space-Time Signal Processing MIMO and OFDM Systems

Telecommunication Services and Applications


VLSI Design and Fabrication

Wireless Networking

Power System Studies

Advanced Power System Protection

Energy Audit and Conservation

Modern Trends in sub station Design

Power Quality

Recent Trends in Power Generation

Energy Efficient Processors

Grid Management

Communication in Power System

Automation and Control in Power System

Safety in Power System Operation, Maintenance and Control

Advance Electrical Machines

HVDC Technology


High Voltage Engineering

Power Electronics, Systems and Applications

Soft switching converters

Multilevel converters

Matrix converters

Emerging topologies

Power Converters Modeling, Simulation and Control

Power Factor Correctors

EMI and over-voltage protection

Active Filters and Harmonics

Power Supplies

Power Electronics Components and Packaging

Reliability and Fault Tolerance

Protective Relaying

Modeling and Simulation of Power Systems

Load Modeling, Forecasting and Management

Power Quality and Grounding

Safety, Maintenance and Operation

Distribution System Planning and Reliability

Flexible AC Transmission Systems

Distributed Generation

Distributed Power Systems

Power Line Communications

Power Flow Analysis

AC and DC Machines and Drives

Reluctance machines and drives

Permanent magnet machines and drives

Linear machines and drives

Sensorless control

Piezo and electrostatic actuators

Modeling and simulation

Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis

Electrical Vehicles

EMC related phenomena

Energy Conversion and Conservation

Energy Management Systems